Monday, 28 September 2015

An open letter to Vodafone and Apple about my iPhone

Dear Apple / Vodafone,

So on Friday I took delivery of my new iPhone 6S Plus 128Gb. Great!

Or it was until it broke the next day. It would appear that the backlight is screwed causing half of the display to be darker than the rest. Rather annoying considering I had just spent my Friday night restoring my iPhone from a backup and getting all my accounts setup. Anyone who has lots of stuff on their phone knows how much effort is required to swap over to a new handset.

I thought, being an Apple device I would attempt to call them to see what could be done. Filled out a form on the website and someone called me back within 1 minute! I spoke to them and they decided the best cause of action was to take it to my local store for an exchange. I did check with them about the fact it came from Vodafone and they (apparently) spoke with the local (Watford) store tech team and they said that was fine and I could pop in without appointment. Happy with that resolution I set of to Watford to get my phone exchanged.

On arrival to Watford Apple Store I am told to join a queue for the Genius Bar. I told them I didn't have an appointment so straight up they then said they wouldn't be able to help me. On speaking with the manager he says that no one in his store would have told Apple technical support that I would be able to sort it out without an appointment. After arguing my point with him for 10 minutes I gave in. I find it madness how someone can walk in off the street and spend an hour with a sales person to buy a new phone but anyone who already has pre-ordered and been delivered a faulty one can't get an immediate resolution.

Next up I thought I'd try Vodafone. Called them and they said a replacement handset would be sent out on Monday for a Tuesday delivery. Now if after spending Friday waiting at home for a new phone wasn't bad enough (I do actually have a job to do) the last thing I need was to take another day off to get another phone. I did enquire as to a store delivery / swap and they said it wasn't possible. In fact the guy I spoke to was not offering much help here. Take another day off I must then if I want my phone sorted!

I woke this morning and the first thing I did was move my appointments tomorrow so I could work from home. After which I then set off for another appointment this morning. On the way there I get a delivery notification for DPD saying my delivery would be Wednesday instead. What!?! Are you kidding me? Even the address was wrong! 2 Minutes later however I get another email with the correct address and again says Tuesday. Then 5 minutes later I get one saying my delivery will be today between 2:30 & 3:30!!! What!?

I then cancel my afternoon's meeting to head home and receive my phone. I get there to find the DPD driver on my doorstep. Huh? It's only 12pm!! I rush to erase the faulty phone and give it to him. He disappears saying I don't need to sign for anything and hands me a package with the new phone. Oh well I think at least I have the new phone at last and can get back to normal. I open the box to find ..... THE WRONG HANDSET!!! You've sent me a 6S and NOT a 6S Plus. Great. Another hour on the phone to Vodafone. After being bounced around the call centre explaining my situation 3 times over I eventually get through to someone who tells me that they are out of stock of the handset I ordered and didn't know when I'd get a replacement.

Even if I can off my contract / upgrade and buy it outright trying to secure a new phone is not easy. I understand the supply / demand issue but surely you need to make it easier for those in the situation where you've supplied a faulty one to get a replacement faster.

So you see Apple / Vodafone.... I got in there early to pre-order a phone, I had a phone, it was broken and now quite frankly no one could give a damn.

So thanks for that. Really.

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