Sunday, 3 January 2016

Barclays Apple Pay update for the UK

Happy new year everyone. As you may read I previously wrote to the Ashok Vaswani of Barclays UK (read the last post) and was given a date of 'Early next year' well that is now upon us and so I followed up his email and politely asked for an update.

To my amazement the man himself replied back 10 minutes later. I now feel a little guilty for disturbing his Sunday off before returning to work but here is how it went...
Hi Ashok,
Happy new year to you and many thanks for your previous reply to me. I wonder if you would be willing to share an update with me as it is technically now early in the new year.
A few moments ago I received the following reply:
Happy New Year !!
Don't have a further specific update. First day at work is tomorrow. Working thru systems etc - will keep you posted

Now although most people are feeling a little frustrated with Barclays I would like to think they are busy getting this up and running for an imminent launch. I guess we will soon see!

I was all prepared to ditch Barclays after this but I am actually quite chuffed to have such a personal response from someone at an executive level. I just hope they deliver soon!

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